25 Days of Minis

This year more than ever, you probably want to create that warm special moment that happens when you give something unique and special to your loved one. If you've been distanced from them due to the pandemic you may want them to receive something with extra love transmitted through it.  At the moment they receive it, they can realize you "get them," they are "seen" and "known."  Isn't that the ultimate experience we all want from the people who love us and whom we love?  It's a moment that can be cherished forever.  Original art has that power.

Join our Gifting "Game" Here.

The holiday gifting "game" can help make your search for original art easier as there are SO many choices out there.   This year, receive a fresh, new option daily in your email inbox beginning December 1-25.   Now it's more fun than ever to give the meaningful gift of original art!  Join the "Game" Here.

Each day a new original will become available beginning December 1-25.  Each fresh new piece is a 6x6 inch abstract landscape painting, nicely framed.

NOTE:  This "game" is being vastly marketed so you will want the emails to come to you daily.  You'll want to check early each day as the painting you wish to buy for yourself or a loved one may have already been taken if you wait.

To be notified daily beginning December 1-25, please join the "Game" Here.

*I call it a "game" because the daily email surprise with new art for you to choose from daily reminds me of the Secret Santa game where we used to anonymously gift a surprise for a specified number of days at work to a person whose name we drew.  Here you will be the one who gets the daily surprise of new fresh choices of gift size original art that can create that warm special moment when you give it to your loved one.