Dec 6 - at the shore
Dec 6 - at the shore

Dec 6 - at the shore

During the summer I yearned to visit the beach.  The next thing I knew, there was a palette that resembled the shores of Florida.  So I went with it.

As I entered into this finished painting and pondered its possibilities I began to experience glimpses of happy memories in Panama City and Destin, Florida.  My first memory of the ocean was in high school.   

Our football team played the Panama City team so the band “had” to go, of course.  : )  We were so excited about it!  The fun long ride from Atlanta with so many friends.  Singing our memorized music parts along the way.  I'm smiling now just thinking about it. 

Then we arrived… 


Oh. My. Gosh!  


I was stunned at the beautiful color of that water!  


Now as I ponder this painting, the blue here is much like how I remember the water looking that day.  Having been to the ocean many times since then, I'm still amazed by the color, simplicity and tranquility of walking along the shore early in the morning when not many people have arrived yet.

Then occasionally something special happens with the rain.  Don't you love when the splashes from the sky become part of the splashes of the ocean during a spring or summer rain?  It's that feeling of awe when we're standing in one spot while the rain is coming down right over there in another spot.  Not a drop hitting us.  : )

As the clouds clear away, the blue of the water clears also.  Shells may have washed ashore as the tide went out.  I even see some green marsh-like foliage here.  Sweet! 

Sweeter still is that none of this was intentional or planned but emerged through the intuitive process of the inner spirit becoming visible.  What magic!

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at the shore
Acrylic and drawing media on panel.  Framed.
6x6 inches


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