Dec 25 - pause and reflect
Dec 25 - pause and reflect

Dec 25 - pause and reflect

Considering the year we've experienced in 2020, this painting encourages the reflective state of mind this year may have caused for many.  It seems like a state of mind worth preserving as we have come into an awareness of what's really important in many cases.  

What have you learned from this year? 

I've learned how much FaceTime and zoom calls with family makes an amazing difference in feeling connected when hugs and visits aren't allowed.  I found attending art workshops to be much deeper learning and interactive than onsight ones.  I've discovered 25 Days of Minis and enjoyed the support of so many collectors I may have never met if not for this 25-day event.

I hope you've enjoyed the daily delivery here and hopefully, you hopped on the 25 Days of Minis delivery of 45 artists daily.  If not, you should get on that list here now so you won't forget about the event next year and will be reminded.  It's rapidly becoming a "thing!"  

Part of our 2020 Collection.  Collect them all!

Acrylic on panel.  Framed.
6x6 inches.
Juanita Bellavance

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