Dec 3 - summer day
Dec 3 - summer day

Dec 3 - summer day

This year's collection is all about memories which seem to involve water quite often it appears!

Why is water such a comforting thing to see, hear and even enjoy for sport? It's not just that it's for our physical survival, this feeling of awe and wonder. The awe seems to come from a sense of joy, provision, the all of it in life.

This awe that we experience is what I truly want to capture in my work. I want it to bring you to that feeling automatically whenever you look at and ponder it. Did you know your brain doesn't know the difference if you are physically at a place or if you're simply imagining it?

Original art has the power to lift you and mesmerize you into a place of awe, satisfaction and solace for moments at a time almost on demand.

Where does this piece take you? Share your story!

Here's mine: When I allow myself permission to be still and consider this painting I'm lifted into a joyous summer day by the blue sea, a gentle stream or maybe even a lake inlet. I can imagine the sea oats and sand or the grass and Autumn-like growth above green grasses.

The abstract shapes, lines and colors allow me to imagine it anyway I like on any day I like. That's wondrous freedom. What draws me most to abstract art is that it is a catalyst for imaginative inspiration toward new heights for the mind.

And here, the sky has joined in as the day comes to an end with a beautiful exclamation point by the setting sun.

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Acrylic on panel.  Framed.
6x6 inches.
©Juanita Bellavance

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