December 10 - splash and play
December 10 - splash and play
December 10 - splash and play

December 10 - splash and play

This reminds me of the beaches of New England, New Hampshire and Maine specifically. But the water up there is much more true blue than this teal colored water.

The rock formations are found along the New England east coast. This painting makes me want to walk inside between the rocks where the water has collected and is on its way back out to sea. A fun hideout I think.

It looks like rain is striking the rocks and bouncing off creating the steam effect when the cool water hits the hot rocks. I'm curious if that's the way you see it, too, or just some shapes and color interplaying. 

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splash and play

MIxed media on panel.  Framed.
6x6 inches.

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Do you still have that childlike curiosity that makes you explore paths through rocks?  It's irresistible, isn't it?


See you tomorrow!


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