December 2 - all is well
December 2 - all is well
December 2 - all is well

December 2 - all is well

Today's delivery is all about well-being.

In my abstract landscapes, I don't literally copy a landscape. I don't consciously and deliberately create a certain place. However, the essence of where I am or have been often emerges into what I'm painting. I love it when this happens.

While pondering the outcome of this painting a sense that all is well came over me. It was early Spring when lockdown had ended and buds were just beginning to reach forth. 

The dog park nearby has a wonderful stream we can walk down to and dabble our toes in if desired. After the lockdown was lifted the stream was able to be enjoyed again. The best part was not many people had started going back yet. It was almost as if we had the stream to ourselves and we could hear the sounds of it and nature quietly to our hearts' content. 

I stood watching and listening for long periods of time feeling set free. It was satisfying and meditative.

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Acrylic and drawing media on panel.  Framed. 
6x6 inches
©Juanita Bellavance

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