Holiday Canvas Art Class for Adults - Live

Immerse Yourself in an Art Project this Holiday Season!

Invite a friend over for Sip & Paint at your home if you like.  Or create a zoom call for your neighborhood.  Make it a distanced holiday event of fun and laughter.

I was making these mixed media holiday trees on canvas and suddenly thought, "Hey, some people might like to make their own."  Mine are on 4x4 inch square canvas but you could do any size and on any substrate you like.  

The learning part is more in making the papers.  They feel so special in your hand once done and they can be traditional holiday colors or any colors you like.  You have complete freedom of expression.  I'll even jump-start you on a few ideas for making papers beyond the type I chose to make and use.  

You're bound to enjoy that proud feeling that comes from making your own holiday decor.  It's a great gift for loved ones as well.  Nothing beats a handmade gift from the heart.  

Video, $47.        Live $125.

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