Dec 1 - storm
Dec 1 - storm

Dec 1 - storm

Remembering the gentle storm at sea which hasn't reached the shore yet. Splashes of raindrops are lightly hitting the water.

As a child, some of my fondest memories are of dark rainy days when the family is gathered together safely inside, maybe with candlelight when the electricity is affected by the storm.   Usually, we were all doing our separate things but on these days it was warm and fuzzy togetherness.

The sound of rain, so mesmerizing still brings fond memories to mind. And even today at the beach the sound of heightened waves is so beckoning while we sit snuggled by the fireside safely sheltered ashore with only the positive effects. Fond memories.

Part of our 2020 collectibles. Collect them all! 

Acrylic on panel.
6x6 inches
Juanita Bellavance.

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