Acrylic painting of an olive tree thriving alone by Juanita Bellavance

Lessons from the Olive Tree 2: Wisdom, From the 25 Days of Minis Portfolio 2023, Acrylic on panel, 8 x 8 inches

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A tale of resilience, growth, and deep-rooted connections.

Because of the insinuated olive tree in these first few paintings for this year’s 25-day roundup, I researched them to some degree. One consistent description includes resilience and longevity. Like humans, these trees can survive even through the harshest conditions such as drought, winds, wars, and extreme hardships.  

Resilience is not just about surviving, but also about thriving.  Humans, like olive trees, can adapt to various conditions and grow stronger with time  

When we deeply consider a trait of anything in nature, we begin to experience a sense of peace and connection to its inherent features. As we consider the olive tree, we realize it is not just resilience we see. We also acquire wisdom, victory and reconciliation through our connection.

Immerse yourself in the story and essence of each painting in this 2023 Collection, and perhaps, find a piece that resonates with your soul or becomes a conversation starter in your home.

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