SNOWBALL FLOWERS: Taking Inspiration from Nature’s Flowers

by Juanita Bellavance on Oct 20, 2023

SNOWBALL FLOWERS: Taking Inspiration from Nature’s Flowers

As art lovers, we have always been fascinated by the way Chinese snowball paintings evoke thoughts and memories, transporting us to different times and places. We recently saw a picture that evoked memories and associations when viewed from a distance. The canvas seems to have a secret connection to our past; it reminds us of a juniper tree, a Chinese snowball tree, or Chinese snowball artwork; it reminds us of our first home as adults. This abstract Chinese snowball painting is part of the “25 Days 2022 Mini Series.” It won our hearts not only for its artistic style but also because it connects with us. In this article, we would like to share our journey of rediscovering the beauty of nature through art and how these objects interact with our memory.

Discovering the Snowball Tree
It all started when we bought our first home as adults. It's a cute place with a beautiful garden, and one of the most interesting parts is the juniper tree, or snowball tree. These trees are known for their large, fluffy white flowers. It is an experience to see the flowers in full bloom. They look similar to the hydrangeas we currently grow in our garden.

The Resemblance to Hydrangeas
When we saw this picture, the similarity between a snowball and a hydrangea caught our attention. The impression of the lush white flowers are a delicate layer on the canvas, showing off the beauty of the natural reflections in our garden. The abstract Chinese snowball painting reflects not only the physical harmony that flowers and works of art radiate but also the happiness of peace.

The snowball flowers painting as Wedding wall decoration
As we continued to look at the picture, it occurred to us that these snowballs would make a beautiful bouquet. Pure and beautiful flowers will be a good choice for the bride who wants to add natural beauty to her special day. It's amazing how art can inspire creativity and spark new ideas, even in unexpected ways.

Seeing It from a Distance
What adds to the appeal of this picture is that it looks a little different from afar, like a real snowball tree. It's fascinating how artists use technology to create depth and emotion in their work. As we stood back and looked at it from different angles, the image seemed to come to life, like a changing scene in a garden.

Part of the "25 Days of Minis 2022 Collection"
This picture not only stands alone but is also part of the larger 25 Days of Mini 2022 series. The collection is a celebration of nature, with each piece offering a unique perspective and story. Writing them all down would be a happy avenue for creativity and imagination.

Chinese snowball artwork has the ability to connect us to the past, spark imagination, and inspire new ideas. This Chinese snowball painting reminds us of a juniper tree or a Chinese snowball tree and is a testament to the power of art in our lives. It not only brings back beautiful memories but also encourages new possibilities, such as using a snowball flower painting as a wedding bouquet. As we continue exploring the art world, we remember that every piece has a story and a connection. Whether it is the beauty of nature, the creativity of an artist, or a contemporary memory, art can touch our hearts and enrich our lives in many ways.

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