Internationally collected Atlanta-based artist, Juanita Bellavance, uses her mastery of color and technique to create nature-inspired paintings that provide solace from life’s strife and turmoils. Her art is informed by her study of music and her connection to spirit.

Juanita is largely self-taught and is inspired by masters such as
Diebenkorn, J.M.W. Turner, Giorgio Morandi, William Thon and others.


I begin my paintings with a certain amount of chaos and energy
to activate the canvas. I initiate a dialog that includes both
language/writing and intuitive marks by incorporating various
drawing media/tools.I then add splashes of paint and gentle
washes of color. It is my intention to bring order, balance and
calm to the surface by using multiple layers of pigment. The
original “chaotic” gestures can be seen peeking through; just
enough to create interest and mystery.