Ornament Collectibles, 2020

There is nothing worse than an uninspired Christmas tree.  Create that warm cozy expression with 3x3 inch ornaments inspired by original art created specifically for 2020.  These will bring a new level to your holiday season.  

Remember when handmade ornaments were so special?  Maybe your mom or dad made them especially for you or your grandparents?  It was a gift from the heart. This holiday season with so much distancing in families, we need to amp up the "special" in everything we do to match what felt special before without extra effort. 

These 3x3 inch Ornament Collectibles, 2020 are beautiful for your tree or for shelf decor stacked like blocks on top of each other.  They lend all kinds of options for creativity whether alone or in multiples.  There are six variations.  Collect all six!

Great as stocking stuffers, too!  Handmade Collectibles, 2020. Colorful and bright. Limited Edition.  Numbered. 

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