Variations on a theme portfolio

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The goal for this body of work, Variations on a Theme, is to find beauty in the details, to inspire and create aliveness through repetition and variation. The original “theme” was created in collage form. Finding the positive and emphasizing it reminds me to do the same in life. Eliminating the mundaneness of repetition through variation helps with the aliveness of spirit in the midst of the world at large.
I've made collage art from photo references. After weeks of studies, I composed a body of paintings directly from zoomed-in details discovered through those collage “sketches.” I'm excited about this process as it provides much intuitive grounding for the work! I'm especially excited to immerse myself in the enhancement of positive daily.


The photo references.
Aspens By: Kim Sammartano
River by: Marli Thibodeau

The resulting collages.


One subscriber said, "Thank you for the beautiful images you create.  Your work brings me great happiness and peace."  

Teresa Haag said,  ***when I think about the work you’ve created over the time that I’ve known you, I can feel that awe energy…as if you are looking at the world through magic glasses, then zooming in and revealing the awe that’s right in front of us every day. It’s really beautiful. ❤️