A Marietta, Georgia native, Juanita Bellavance graduated with a BA in Music Education.  While teaching music she began incorporating art as visual aids to assist students in learning music concepts.  She created extensive backdrops for her musicals as well.

In 1994 Juanita’s entrepreneurial spirit led her from teaching into the interior decor industry where she was a faux finish and muralist around Atlanta. Her work was featured in Atlanta Magazine during that time.

Juanita’s art-making process is similar to the process of writing music.  Tone on tone, creating harmony.  Mark upon mark, creating a rhythmic pattern.  Shape upon shape, creating melodic contours. 

In the late evenings, Juanita can be found in her studio painting in the quiet hours when all the day's busyness has ended and thoughts rise.  It is a special and cherished reprieve from the day's activity.