Dear Friend,

If you have searched fan pages and groups on Social Media about Abstract Painting for Beginners, you must have an internal connection with creativity that wants to be expressed through paint.  If you are receiving this invitation it’s because you have joined for my free course during the COVID19 quarantine months or you subscribed here from my FB fan page link, here.  (As a reminder.)

As artists we often have a lot of self doubt.  Yes, even professional artists do at times.  It helps immensely to have a community of peers who are on a similar path as we are at a similar level and beyond. 

I’m launching a new community where I will be teaching in an A-Z format on how to create a successful abstract painting.  While throwing/splattering paint may be one technique that could be used occasionally, even at that there are principles of art that make the art end up looking like an amazing, strong painting vs just some fun splatters all over the page.

I’ve had quite a lot of successful teaching experience in the area of both music and art.  Through that I’ve learned how to break things down so these complex enterprises into simplified, easy to understand and implementable format.  One of my teaching strengths is that as we progress I realize my mistakes and correct them along the way as long as people stick with me and are open about any confusion they may experience.

Are you ready to express yourself through abstract painting?  I’m inviting you to be a founding member of my new DIY Abstract Painting Huddle.  Together we will customize a stellar course for you to create amazing work from the beginning.  And then you will build upon your skills and knowledge in an organized progressive manner for as long as you are interested at the founding member price for life or until the membership closes.

How it will work is I will provide you with a simple 60 minute lesson each week that is designed to give you practice, pleasure, expression and understanding of a concept.  Then as you follow the lesson you will post your results in a private group and ask any questions you wish.  I will be very active in the group answering as immediately as possible, surely every day or within 24 hours.  Based on your results and questions I will develop an addendum to that lesson if needed.  It’s almost like you’ll be having private lessons because of this partnering to customize the information!

At the beginning of stage 1 you will start of with basics.  At the end of stage 5 you will have completed a strong painting you are proud to hang on a wall in your home and you will have discovered if you want to advance further as an artist or if you prefer to just enjoy your art as a hobby.  Either way, as a member of the group at the founding member price you will have all access to any newly created information.  There is an almost infinite amount of information that will gradually be added in bite size and highly doable pieces

Your price as a founding member is $20/month or $200 annually as a lifetime member or until the membership closes.

This founding member offer closes at midnight May 4 and will reopen at the new member price of $40/month or $450 annually in September, 2021.  

We will huddle together to customize your learning path.  There will be a private Facebook group where members can share their work and ask questions.  This will be a safe group where only positive feedback will be allowed. 

As a musician turned artist I had to do a lot of catching up.  Therefore I’ve taken so many courses and workshops that I’ve learned many many ways to begin and process through abstract painting.  What I found was that we are often given an overwhelming amount of information at one time and only those who can decipher and understand how to implement can get to the amazing place you desire. Now I’ve created my own approach to teaching it.   When we try to learn by watching free information it’s almost impossible to organize the information so it can be implemented effectively.

Here is an overview of the progression you can expect:

  • Stage 1 - Beginner basics to learn about composition while making beautiful paintings.
  • Stage 2 - Basics about color and simple tips on how to use combinations effectively
  • Stage 3 - Techniques for building interest within the work
  • Stage 4 - Creating more complex compositions
  • Stage 5 - Create strong work you can be proud to show

If you would like to be a founding member with me at DIY Abstract Painting A.K.A Abstract Painting for Beginners, please tap the link here to join monthly or annually.

And don't worry, you can leave the program at any time.  But remember, to jump back in will be at the current rate at that time.

I’m excited to get this system started with you and look forward to welcoming you!

Warm regards,

Juanita Bellavance