You’re worried your child is spending too much time on
screen but you have to work…  am I right?

Get Ready for Some Free Time While Your Child is Super Engaged in a Creative and Tangible Holiday Activity That Can Ultimately Engage Them for a Lifetime 


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I’ve been teaching art to kids locally for years.

During that time so many parents were happy
have their children come to a drawing and painting class where they didn’t have
to do anything but show up.

I know painting is an important part of children’s lives as they are less often exposed to the opportunity to paint due to a potential mess.

I wanted to make painting class available online and wanted it to be something a child could do independently as desired.  It seemed impossible.

Then, while hashing out objections you might have as a parent I started thinking about why the paint wasn’t that big of an issue for me. And then I got an idea...

I’m Juanita Bellavance

I’m a professional artist who also has many years of teaching art to children in private Montessori schools as well as at the local Parks and Recreation. 

When teaching in Montessori schools it was imperative that I leave the environment impeccable.  I was in the students’ actual classroom, not an art room.

I started thinking about how the children were involved in keeping things impeccable and the steps I took to make that happen.

As I analyzed the steps I took in person I realized I could also take those steps with children online.  It was the answer parents have expressed wanting!

Imagine What it Would Be Like To Be
Working From Home While Your Child Is In the
Next Room Fully Engaged In
An Art Activity That Sends Their Spirit
Soaring For An Hour?

  • You could be in flow with your work without concerns.

  • Experience a sense of peace knowing your child wasn’t on screen.

  • Hear their delight at certain unexpected discoveries.

  • Thrill to see their results at the end.

  • Enjoy the virtual “child-sitting” that is ultimately taking place.

  • Enjoy the heartwarming experience of seeing your child in flow with their own creation vs almost statuesque in front of a screen.

  • Enjoy their thrill of producing something that did not exist before.

  • Thrilling over their independence at setting up and clearing away their workspace with clear and motivating guidance.

  • One more thing to brag about on your child!  (Just had to mention that.) : )

Picture it…the smile on your child’s face as they experience the tactile qualities of making art with paint, canvas and paper.  Picture the twinkle they get in their eyes when they know their individuality is strong and exciting.  The intrinsic reward is beyond any other type of reward possible.

Remember the last time your child made something for you and how the gift of art is so cherished?  With the specific holiday project we are doing in November, every year when you take out your holiday decorations, you will be reminded of this joyous time when your child was independently creating for an hour while you were in flow with your own work.  Life is good.

And besides all of that, you didn’t have to leave and drive your child anywhere, wasting time when you should have been working.  Your supplies are all linked into for easy online ordering so you don’t have to use up time shopping/searching for the needed items.

What a relief it is.  You probably feel lighter right now
just realizing this has been made possible.

Now is the time to take action for implementation....

Holiday Painting and Collage
for Kids!!!

4-step program, 2 one hour sessions/days.

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When You Enroll Your Child You Will Also Get…

#1 The Top Ten Benefits of Art for Kids

This compilation of benefits will give you a glimpse into the hidden value of art for your child.  The benefits mentioned above are the outward demonstrations of what occurs through art.  These benefits have been assembled and collected so you can easily realize the deeper value that is automatically absorbed through your child’s experience.

It’s important information that can help give you confidence in the choices you make in your child’s best interest?



#2 Unleash Your Creativity

This is a deeper dive into the benefits of creativity in your own life as an adult.  Be inspired by what creativity does in all aspects of life and begin to notice all around you the marvel of creativity.  You’ll not only be inspired for yourself.  You’ll be even more excited about what you are ultimately providing your child.

Why is it so important?  Success requires creativity.  Creativity is required for solving what isn’t working when obstacles appear.  Creativity improves with constant opportunities to develop the ability to solve issues and problems from seemingly nowhere.

#3 Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook Group is where you can share your child’s work and be inspired by ideas others may come up with.  If your child continues to make art using what has been learned in the Holiday Painting And Collage for Kids class, you can share that as well.  I know how much we as parents enjoy sharing what our children create.  I will answer questions asked in the group as well.  This is easy access to me daily and ongoingly.  

Don’t delay thinking you have
plenty of time.  The holidays are sneaking up fast! 

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Remember Your Child’s Holiday Window Of Opportunity Is Changing Rapidly

  • You’ll get peace of mind about your child’s screen time being interrupted.
  • You’ll enjoy the happiness their creation process brings out.
  • A beautiful piece of art to keep as a reminder each year of this special experience.
  • Enjoy seeing your child develop independence.
  • Yet another thing to brag on about your child.  : )

Plus our time as children with fresh brain connections being made for use in later life is limited.  Don’t let a day go by that your child’s mind is not nurtured by activities such as the one I’m offering here.

Remember, you're just one choice away from an awesome experience for your child…

-Juanita Bellavance


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