Day of the Fisherman 2, 2019, Mixed Media on canvas, 36 x 36 inches

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“Day of the Fisherman 2” 36 x 36 inches is a one-of-a-kind original, modern, abstract expressionist nature inspired painting by Juanita Bellavance. In this highly expressive painting Juanita colorful blues, greens and cheesecloth texture lend an impression of fisherman’s net on a day at sea. In the nature-inspired painting, the viewer is invited to enjoy a moment of imaginary vacation   

A fisherman's day begins with the first rays of dawn, as he sets sail into the tranquil waters. He casts his net or lures, patiently awaiting the elusive tug. Nature's beauty surrounds him: the rhythmic waves, the salty breeze. Each catch is a triumph, a testament to his skill and perseverance.

About the artist: Juanita Bellavance uses her mastery of color and technique to create abstract landscape impressionism and abstract expressionist paintings. Having previously majored in music with a focus on performance, Juanita enjoys the freedom abstract forms of modern music and abstract art provide. She wanted to go beyond recording the obvious. The subject has changed but the depth of emotion remains. As with music that comes from the heart and moves the soul, her intention to create emotional impact remains the same.

Her paintings are a visual removal of chaos and disorder to quieten the noise of the environment. There is a deep desire to create an instant of pause and connection such that a feeling is experienced. There are layers of history within each painting that lingers on the surface, leaving a richness beyond the obvious.

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