Dec 16, Juanita Bellavance, Reaching, From the 25 Days of Minis portfolio, 2021, Acrylic on panel, 6 x 6 inches, Framed

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When we see the marsh grasses reaching for the light we can connect that we do the same.  We "raise" our voices in song and prayer.  We lift our arms high like a child wanting to be hugged. 

This reaching we see is a sign of health and well-being.  Without it, the grasses slump over and without it, as humans, we also begin to slump, maybe first in our spirits and then in our countenance. 

We speak of reaching our potential and reaching for the stars when referring to success.  We reach out to people.  It only makes sense that in nature, the grasses reach since we are all a part of nature and have similar needs.

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