The finale, From the Chestatee River portfolio, 2021, Mixed media on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

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Today is the final day of our 24 days of 24-inch art together.  Thank you for staying the course and viewing the work daily.  It means the world to me!  

I have to admit this was a huge undertaking for me to make this many paintings this size following one theme.  Yes, I got a little behind and just this week finished the last two of the series.  I was blocked while pressuring myself.   Occasionally I even considered just slipping in a few paintings from the past that were 24 x 24 but I knew that would eat at me for a very long time since I’m the “see it through” type.   : )

Just this week I stumbled upon a quote that put me into a thought process that brought a deeper understanding of what I and many others seek through art.  The quote I resonated with is:

“An artist makes work out of love.  And what they’re looking for is love in you make this work as an expression of love, which is to say you’re asking for connection.  You’re asking people to feel what you feel, to see through your eyes and to feel connected in a deep and meaningful way.”   ~ Eric Fishcl, 02

Considering that thought and why I say I make art has helped me connect to myself and therefore with others who have been following my art journey.  What I say as to why I make art is:  

“Striving to paint emotion, I want to create the awe, the wonder, the experience we feel in nature, in music, in special life moments.  That feeling that gives us pause.” 

I have now come to realize I’m actually creating that experience for myself. I experience that deeper connection with spirit through my art.  Maybe others will experience it as well.  Through art that special moment type life experience is truly available on demand.    Creating this body of work has caused me to find a deeper connection with my own inner spirit.  What a gift! 

Thank you for being here.  You are greatly appreciated.  Words can not come close to the gratitude I feel.  You have kept me going, toughing it out, learning and growing through a huge challenge.

Thank you again!

If you’ve joined my newsletter on my website, I’ll connect with you again soon.  Please stay safe and well!

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