Juanita Bellavance, Miles to go 1, 2020, Acrylic, 60 x 48 inches

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Reminiscing scene travelers know well where they pause to soak in the beauty of the autumn season coming into being. A hiker might enjoy the vibrant palette ahead as well as the sound of fallen leaves crunching underfoot. It makes me think of autumn days with my family when I was a child and we visited my grandparents' farm. I loved the brisk air and finding cattails by the pond. 

In this painting, there are mountains looming ahead juxtaposed by a lake. The destination is compelling but the journey itself holds its own magic.  The title symbolically is a reminder there is always more and we are invited to embrace the miles yet to go.

I find it ironic how decisions in a painting and the title evoked often have a philosophically unexpected message that takes me deeper into a sense of mystery.

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