Blissful Moment, 2023, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches

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There's something eternal about being at the shore on a pristine sandy beach. The beach seems to stretch infinitely creating a melodic, undulating conversation between land and sea.  The golden sand is enticing with gentle pools of water here and there that gleam with the sky's reflection.

I think of a morning at Hilton Head Island before many people are out and the world seems to slow down. It's a timeless embrace of tranquility. It's irresistible to walk on the edge of the water where the sand is wet and packed by the tide leaving it behind. As I look back there are usually some grasses adding a texture to the scene and the whisper of the coastal breeze creates the perfect nuance.

The graceful gliding of a lone seagull may polish off the moment before all the other seagulls show up as well.  I love how the seagull glides so gracefully with its wings outstretched. Its solitary flight invites thoughts of distant journeys beyond the horizon.

This painting is more than a mere visual. It's an invitation to pause, reflect and lose oneself in the serene simplicity of nature's grace and beauty.


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