What a year it has been!

How have you made family members feel loved and special while distanced from them this year?

So many creative ways have been found to make family members feel special while distanced.  For the holidays this year, due to the pandemic, it seems even more important than usual to find something with an extra “specialness” component.

Don't worry, I've got you...

I'm Juanita Bellavance, a professional artist and you're in luck.  Below you'll find a variety of unique original art gift options that can fit into any budget.

What is art’s “specialness” component?

  • thought provoking 
  • intriguing
  • inspiring
  • memorable
  • unique
  • calming
  • meditative
  • ...more

Look through our catalog below and find that
extra something special today!



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Christmas decor fans, these 
handmade originals hold that

warm fuzziness that is transmitted
to the art through the artist.  It's
not a feeling that can be mass 
produced by machines.  Give the
spirit of Christmas through original
art and bring it to your own home
as well!


There is nothing worse than an
uninspired Christmas tree.  Create
that warm cozy expression with
3x3 inch ornaments inspired by
original art created specifically
for 2020.  These will bring a new
level to your holiday season. 

Remember when handmade 
ornaments were so special? 
Maybe your mom or dad made
them especially for you or your 
grandparents?  It was a gift from
the heart.  This holiday season
with so much distancing in families,
we need to amp up the "special"
in everything we do to match what
felt special before without extra

Ornament Collectibles, 2020
3x3 inches are ready to hang
on the tree or place on a shelf. 
Colorful and bright. Limited edition. 


Do you enjoy that special excitement
of making art yourself?  While 
creating you're beaming with 
thoughts of giving the gift and 
enjoying the moment it is received
knowing it came literally from 
your heart to theirs?  It's additional
moments of joy when we create
handmade art for others.

If this sounds like you, I've got
just the thing. 

Create your own Holiday Tree
gift for a special person which may
be yourself!  The
 ultimate gift that
resonates from the heart.  I'll show
you how, step-by-step.   COMING SOON.


These intimate mini abstracts
say, "I know you.  I see you.  I
get you."  That alone is the
experience we all thrill in having.
Teenagers often enjoy gifts that
acknowledge their habits in a 
loving, fun, fully accepting way.

These abstracts have that denim
on the floor kind of look to them.

They are the perfect abstract
choice for denim fans.  Choose
minis from  sizes 6x65x5 or 4x4 
inches on canvas. 


Original art often inspires nostalgia,
tranquility, inspiration and more.
These small abstracts on paper
feel personal in the hand.  There is
an element of affection emitted
through their size and creativity.

Petite Gems on paper.  Perfect for 
all the nooks and crannies to surround
yourself with the intimacy of original
art.  6x6 inches.  Unframed.

Postcard original art on paper. 
Abstract landscape art.  Inspired
by nature and those moments of
wonder brought right to your home.
A perfect gift for those on your 
holiday list. Limited supply. 
5x7 inches on paper.  Unframed


Choose from an array of 12x12 inch
abstract paintings that are perfect
for shelves or walls.  Framed.


Got kids ages 9-12 on your list
who love art?  Here's the perfect
gift for them!  An online abstract
painting class.  Learn more.  They'll
cherish this gift forever!  First session
becomes available December 26.  
After that all four sessions continue
to be available as replays.


Another great size for houses full 
of art!  Let the power and inspiration
of art resonate throughout!  24x24 inch
originals on canvas.  Unframed.