25 Days of Minis 2022

Preparing for December is always inspiring when the preparation of 25 minis starts months ahead.  It's like making gifts for people to enjoy one per day December 1- 25.  

I see the daily emails for the 25 Days of Minis as morning coffee gifts to enjoy before going into the hectic, yet joyous, days of the season.  It's a moment of quietude.  
This one is a bonus mini available to you right now.  All of my minis this year are 8 x 8 inches.  This example is 12 x 12 inches, Framed.  Tap here if you wish to purchase it.  
 A daily fresh new 8x8 inch abstract landscape on a beautiful cradled wood panel in a natural wood floater frame will be ready to enjoy as an image, buy as a gift, or buy to keep. If you'd like to receive these daily “gifts” of never seen images each morning December 1 - 25, please subscribe.
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