25 Days of Minis

You're In!

Watch for reminder emails occasionally before December 1.  Your first never seen before image will be delivered to your inbox at 12:00AM, December 1 so it will be waiting when you are awake and ready to enjoy.  It will also be available publicly at that time from the 25DaysofMinis.com website  Some people actually stay up to make sure they get first look each day in case they want to purchase!

A link will always be included in your email for instant purchase each day in case a painting speaks strongly to you as a gift for a loved one or yourself.

NOTE:  25 Days of Minis is vastly marketed.  Be sure to
check your email early every day beginning December 1
to make sure you don't miss out on a purchase you wish
to make. 

And if you'd like to widen your selection of options to include the 
work of sixty different artists, subscribe to the full event at

So happy you'll be celebrating the season with me each morning!

Warm welcome,
Juanita Bellavance